ExtraMile Consulting provides structural, geotechnical, and other services countrywide. Our services are sought-after for both commercial and residential projects. Whether you require engineering design, inspections, seismic assessment, a Geotech or something more unusual, we’re your first port of call.

Structural Design

We provide structural design services for new buildings as well as refurbishments or strengthening of existing buildings.

Automating Structural Design and Structural Software Development

As one of only a few engineers in New Zealand, we have the capacity create our own computer code to suit the client’s requirements.

Geotechnical Investigations

Organisation and procurement of geotechnical investigations as required for structural design.

Construction Monitoring

Onsite monitoring of critical construction steps and processes and supervision of all types of projects on demand anywhere in New Zealand.

Seismic Assessments

Initial and detailed seismic assessments utilising both force and displacement-based methodology, aided by the use of state-of-the-art structural modelling and simulation software.

Certification of Systems Manuals and Data

Design of bespoke, product specific testing programmes and special studies.

Fire Design

Capability to provide fire engineering design within the limits of acceptable solution C/AS2.

Contact Us

We are always on the lookout for new challenges and your exciting structure ideas, so if you would like to discuss your project with us please  give us a call or visit us at our studio. Our friendly team will be pleased to discuss options with you and provide a free, no obligation quote for our services.